British MEPs in line for €6m ‘golden goodbye’ when UK leaves EU

Written By : Lewis Goodall British Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), including leading Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage, will be in line for a “golden goodbye” pay out of over €6m (£5.3m) when the UK leaves the EU, Sky News has learnt. A senior European Union source has confirmed that …


Brexit: Failure to introduce new customs system by date of Britain’s EU withdrawal would be ‘catastrophic’

Written by : Ashley Cowburn Failure to complete the introduction of a new customs system by Brexit in 2019 would be “catastrophic”, with the risk of huge disruption for businesses, massive queues at Dover and food being left to rot in trucks at the border, a parliamentary report has warned. The …


The Paradise Papers reveal that the Queen is the worst parasite of them all

Written by : Annie Brown It should come as no shock that Royal cash has been invested offshore in the unscrupulous sharks of Brighthouse. There is a fag paper of difference between the parasitical nature of the Royal institution and Brighthouse, who have made millions lending to the poor. Through the …