8 Hilarious Instances of People Wearing the Right Shirt at the Right Time

There’s no question that daily fashion has become a lot more casual in the past few decades. As a result, lots of people find themselves out in t-shirts.

Sometimes they’re unremarkable and plain shirts. But every so often, a person in a novelty t-shirt will stumble into an encounter with a celebrity who has some connection to their outfit.

The odds of it happening are so rare, it’s easy to see why the fans AND the celebs would want to snap a quick photo to commemorate the unlikely circumstances!

George Lucas must have run-ins like this one every single day.

There’s a lot of Star Wars fans out there, and this one’s wearing a shirt with a cow that says, “Milk, I am your father.” It might not make any sense, but it makes for a great pic.

Don’t meet the Colts QB while wearing a Patriots t-shirt, maybe?

As you can see, Andrew Luck is clearly playing favorites between these two guys, opting for the fun showing the Colts support.

(Sad Face Emoji)

You monster! How could you even bring something like that up around Minnie?

Wish granted.

Well, this worked out pretty well for both of them, now didn’t it?

You know Bill Murray would love something like this.

In fact, I bet the pic was his idea. Now get a shirt with this pic on it!


I bet the guy that plays Gus Fring has conditioned himself to respond this way whenever he sees Walter White. Even on a t-shirt.


The guy behind him is wearing a shirt that says…

“Some people are gay. Get over it.” Ian McKellan added his own spin on the concept.

Source : http://twentytwowords.com/16-hilarious-instances-of-people-wearing-the-right-shirt-at-the-right-time/

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