8 Photos You’ll Laugh at If You’re a Little Bit Immature

Admit it. No matter how old you are, there are just some things that while a little bit inappropriate, never fail to make you laugh.

They often involve some type of bodily function or body part, sometimes there’s the implication of sex, and more often than not it happens at the most inopportune time — until now.

Bear in mind these are completely innocent images though, so if you see any other than good wholesome fun, well, then you’re probably my kind of people…

Getting Freaky

via: Reddit

True, this was probably written in simpler times when words like “bae” didn’t exist, but you know you still snickered a little bit.

Turning Over

via: Reddit

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

I mean, this is on par with typing 8008135 into a calculator back in school, but times, like, a million.

Sock It To Me

via: Reddit

Come on, Katie.

We’re just trying to do a little bit of shopping. Maybe pick up some Gas-X on the way out.

Beating Around the Bush

via: EMGN

The landscaper had to know what they were doing with this, right?

I wouldn’t want to stand underneath.

Quick and Dirty

via: Reddit

All I’m saying is that if you’re spending an hour in the bathroom, you have bigger problems than a hilariously burned out sign.

Shady Advice

Pun intended?

I would like to think so, although if they’re going for “family planning,” that’s probably not the route to follow.

Game On

via: Twitter

You’ve probably never noticed this before.

You will probably never be able to not notice this ever again.

Catch ‘Em All!

via: Reddit

They totally knew what they were doing, but maybe there’s just a Richard out there who really likes Pokemon?

Source : http://twentytwowords.com/17-photos-youll-laugh-at-if-youre-a-little-bit-immature

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