Boris Johnson laughed at in Commons after moaning about closure of police station under policy he introduced


Written by : Jeff Farrell

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn mocked Boris Johnson during Prime Minister’s Questions when he highlighted a tweet from the foreign secretary criticising the closure of a London police station – which was shut down under a policy he himself introduced when Mayor of the city.

Mr Johnson took to the social media site to say he was “disappointed and mystified” by the decision to pull down the shutters on the station in Uxbridge, a decision he believed was made by London’s current Labour mayor Sadiq Khan.

Mr Corbyn drew a chorus of laughter in Parliament when he highlighted his comment.

“I’ve been following some of the tweets from some of her friends on the front bench over there and one quote says: ‘I’m very disappointed any mystified at Uxbridge police station’,” he told Theresa May.

As laughter erupted on his own benches and shouts rained down from Conservative MPs, Speaker John Bercow was forced to quieten Parliament to allow Mr Corbyn to continue.

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