Corbyn nails why the government’s privatisation agenda is an absolute ‘rip off’ [VIDEO]


Written by : STEVE TOPPLE

Jeremy Corbyn has taken to social media to criticise the Conservative Party’s “rip off” privatisation agenda. And he doesn’t mess around, taking just one minute to nail everything that is wrong with the sale of public property to private companies, in a video called Another example of rip off Tory privatisation.

“Rip off” privatisation

On Thursday 16 November, Royal Mail Group (RMG) released its half year results [pdf]. And in a video about the Communication Workers Union’s (CWU) claim that RMG paid £68m in dividends to shareholders, Corbyn hit back at what he called the “familiar story of privatisation”. RMG was privatised by former chancellor George Osborne in 2014/15. And Corbyn said that, because of this:

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