No wonder John Redwood backs Brexit. He will make money out of it, after all


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When, in a few years, a public inquiry is held into the economic, financial and monetary debacle that is by then Brexit, one of the easier targets will be the Conservative MP and Brexit cheerleader John Redwood.

To successfully cleanse British politics of its clowns and crypto-fascists this future inquiry ought to definitively discredit Brexit’s chief proponent, Boris Johnson, in the way that the Iraq war inquiry did to Tony Blair.

Impulsive and unable to concentrate on anything complex, Johnson does not even care whether he is right or wrong – as long as it plays well with the billionaire-owned far-right press that built him up. Redwood, however, is a very different kind of Brexiteer. He says things he should know to be wrong, given his oft-touted decade-long career in the City.

Redwood should know that the UK cannot logically leave the customs union without the erection of a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland. He should know it is logically impossible to maintain his country’s current smooth and frictionless trade with the EU single market without accepting the rules and court that hold this single market together.

And he should know that according to international law the UK is obliged to settle its outstanding obligations to the EU – the misnamed “Brexit bill”. And yet his countless tweets tell the opposite story.

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