Noel Gallagher to remainers: ‘f**king get over Brexit’


Written by : Jack Shepherd

With Liam Gallagher having stolen the spotlight over the last few weeks — commenting on everything the sea to James Corden — brother Noel has decided to cause some controversy.

Speaking to Noisey, Gallagher commented on the EU referendum vote, calling on those who voted to remain to “f**king get over” the Brexit vote.

“In England, the Brexit thing, it’s like, I can’t believe there’s so much noise about it,” the musician said. “You know what I mean? It was put to the people as a vote. The people voted. That’s democracy. Fucking get over it.

“I didn’t vote because I didn’t think we should have been given the vote in the first place because as ordinary members of the public how are the fuck are you qualified to talk about the break-up of the oldest continent in the fucking world.”

Gallagher continued: “Then the people trying to get the vote overturned, they used to call that fascism. But they don’t call it fascism anymore because they’re fucking ‘right on’.

“Personally, I don’t think we should have left the [European] Union because I feel right at the time of it happening, we turned our back on the French, who were going through some dark terror shit.

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