Philip Hammond calls Brexiteer ‘stupid woman’ for asking question sending Rees-Mogg raging

‘STUPID WOMAN’ Philip Hammond caught up in sexism storm after being seen mouthing slur at Tory MP Andrea Jenkyns

Ms Jenkyns brushed aside the remark as ‘part of the cut and thrust of politics’

PHILIP Hammond was at the centre of a fresh sexism storm last night after being seen mouthing “stupid woman” at a female Tory MP in the Commons.

The Chancellor aimed the derogatory barb at Andrea Jenkyns after she criticised Theresa May’s Brexit plans during Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday.

She asked the PM: “At what point was it decided Brexit meant Remain?”

The Sun used professional lip readers to confirm that Mr Hammond mouthed “stupid woman” as he sat next to the Prime Minister.

Mr Hammond’s aides refused to deny that he made the sexist remark.

Ms Jenkyns downplayed his comment as “part of the cut and thrust of politics”.

Speaker John Bercow found himself in trouble after muttering the same words under his breath earlier this year in reference to the Leader of the House earlier this year.

He admitted making the comments but denied it was a persinal attack saying it was because of a disageement about the timetabling of legislation.

It’s not the first time Mr Hammond has been accused of sexism.

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